Recommended 3-day Trip to Hyolmo Valley

You can hire jeeps (e.g. at the Lobpen Tsechu rinpoche monastery near Swayambhu) for 8 people for a 3-day trip for 20.000 Nprs, Dec 2014.When you start from Kathmandu at 5 a.m., you will arrive there at 10 a.m. Then you can meditate at the Milarepa cave and at about 12:00 you can continue to to Melamchi Ghyang (normal trekking, I would say easier then in the Alps). You can stay one night up in Melamchi Ghyang.

Next day (2nd), you can visit a Dakini cave and Sun and Moon cave up there and around noon you can go down to Nakote and then up to Tharkegyang arriving at sunset.

On the 3rd day when you start at 7 a.m., you will reach the top of Yangri Peak (3771m) at about 10 a.m.
Enjoy views till about 13:00 and then at 15.30 (before it gets dark on the steep road down) you can leave Tarkeghyang arriving in Kathmandu at around 9 p.m..

Of course this is a quick version and it can be prolonged. If you check the Hyolmo Valley guide book there are many other places mostly Guru Rinpoche around.

If you are for example only two and jeep would be too expensive there is a direct bus connection (Ktm-Melamchi Ghyang). It takes around one day to get there and the buses were leaving near Ratna Park (in 2010, please double check this). It is better to reserve more days in case the bus is not leaving or goes just to Thimpu, etc.

Even more powerplaces then the ones marked in our map can be found in Hyolmo area. See detailed info in the Hyolmo guide (book): (text part plus map) (pictures)